Pericarditis. Sac Inflammation and Canadian HealthCare mall

October 28, 2015 Category: Canadian HealthCare Mall

PericarditisPericarditis is a pericardial sac inflammation. There are four types of pericarditis, they are acute, chronic, sicca and pericardial effusion. Sicca and acute pericarditis is a separate disease the recurrence of which is benign and ends within one or two months and usually without severe complications. Pericardial effusion is usually sub chronic or chronic forms and followed by liquid accumulation in pericardium.

Pericarditis is caused by infections which appear after the bacteria, mycobacterium tuberculosis, rickettsia, fungi, viruses interference, because of rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatic disease, myocardial infarction, different traumas, tumors, uremia, systemic lupus erythematosus, because of lack in C, B1. According to the medical statistics the disease is usually manifested after autoimmune diseases and allergies of different types.

Symptoms depend on a disease stage, character of the liquid containing in a pericardium, its quantity, the speed of its accumulation. At an acute form the patient complains of heartaches which are felt more near a top heart or in the bottom of a breast. Pain can be sent to the left hand, neck, left shoulder-blade, epigastric region, according to the character the pain is dull and strong. These symptoms remind a clinical picture of a heart attack or pleurisy, the patient complains of discomfort in heart. Such cardiac pain is the main symptom of pericarditis sicca. When there is a liquid, its fast accumulation in a pericardium causes short of breathing.

Short of breathing becomes stronger especially in horizontal location and it is followed by dry cough. If the phrenic nerve is irritated, vomiting is added to the specified symptoms. Pericardial effusion is followed by reduction, frequently disappearance of apex heart beat, it is caused by a large amount of liquid in pericardium.

There is a predisposition to increase in superficial cardiac dullness. Superficial cardiac dullness is a breast area during percussion at which the region of the heart can be identified. Swelling of veins on a neck is noticed as one of the symptoms. An acute pericarditis is identified due to such symptoms as subfebrile temperature, leukocytosis and increased blood sedimentation rate. To establish the diagnosis correctly the X-ray examination and electrocardiography are conducted.

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